How A Counselor Gets To Continue Her Work Despite Dealing With Personal Challenges

Fate was never a friend to me. When I was young (barely five years old), my mom and dad got in a car crash and died on the spot. They left a lot of money for me, which caused my greedy relatives to fight over who would be my guardian. Everyone was friendly until my parents’ lawyer revealed that I could not get my inheritance until I reached 18 years old.

Since I was more than a decade away from that age back then, my relatives’ kindness began to wane. They passed me like a ball from one house to another. No one wanted to look after me anymore; they saw me as a burden.

Because of that, I learned to take care of myself. I knew better than to finish my food in one sitting at six years old because I did not know when I would get my next meal. At seven years old, I learned how to wash my clothes because my aunts or uncles allowed me to go to school looking like a homeless kid.


Going Into Foster Care

I thought that I was the luckiest child in the world when social services took me away from my relatives when I was nine years old. The social worker who talked to me told me that I would soon have a home and a new family. However, what might have forgotten to let me know – possibly on purpose to avoid hurting my feelings – was that foster parents gravitated towards infants or younger children.

I remained like an unwanted person for many years in the foster care system. Many kids who went to the facility started to mock me and say that I would never leave until I was 18 years old. I never defended myself since I also knew that they were correct.

Becoming An Adult

Once I turned 18, my life changed entirely. The system released me; my parents’ lawyer said that I could finally get my inheritance.


I used that money to enroll at a university and buy a condo near the campus. Due to my childhood experiences, I dreamed of becoming a child psychologist and counselor someday. I wanted to help other kids like me who suffered due to awful circumstances.

When I finally earned my degrees and licenses, I met Josh, a cardiologist. I happened to have a client with a cardiovascular condition, and he happened to be his doctor. It pushed me to strike conservation with Josh about the client’s medical history. And since he was nice, we continued to talk even after the client’s program ended.

Marital Issues

It did not take long after Josh and I started dating officially to find out I was pregnant. I felt a bit scared because it was not part of our plan yet, but Josh was over the moon when he realized he was about to become a father. He asked for my hand right there and then, and we got married in Vegas on the same day.


I genuinely believed that Josh was the forever type of guy – someone who would want to spend the rest of his life with me. He was extra loving during my pregnancy and even afterward. However, after a few years of marriage, his treatment of me became watered down.

Why? I wondered about the same thing until I surprised him in the hospital for our tenth anniversary. When I opened his office, though, I saw him kissing a young nurse. The only thing that crossed my mind was, “I’m glad that I didn’t bring our daughter with me.”

Josh confessed to his cheating habits when I confronted him calmly. He said no when I recommended divorce, but I told him that I did not deserve to stay in a relationship with a cheater. I did not show him how much our breakup hurt me the entire time, but I often cried myself to sleep.


Did I Take A Break From Work Despite Everything?

No, I did not. I did not do that to keep my mind occupied – that would be unfair to my clients. I did not take a break from work because I knew early how to separate my work from my personal life.

Let me clarify that I am far from being a martyr or a saint. Was I ever sad and lonely in between clients? Of course. Did I find myself crying about what’s in store for my daughter and me sometimes? 100%.

Despite whatever happened to me, I understood that my clients could be going through worse situations than I ever would. It would be unfair to them if I merely took off when they needed my help the most. I could get my healing started after work or over the weekends anyways.

Changing Career Saved Me From Counseling

Let me tell you a story of how I managed to embrace my career change.


My mother had always been my career hero. 

She became a widow at the age of 25, you see. I was only two years old when she got the news that my father did not make it to the Middle East. There was a suicide bomber, and he was so close in proximity to that person that his fellow career soldiers did not even manage to bring home his body in one piece.

Since my dad was new to the service career, he did not get to leave a lot of money for us when he died from his career. Mom struggled to embrace and keep everything my father supposedly got to give us a comfortable life, particularly a house and a car.

The first one to go was the car. The bank towed it when my mother failed to pay for its mortgage for three consecutive months. She was hell-bent on keeping the house because Dad had sweet memories there before his career, but she also had to let go of it when the mortgage became too high.

After that, we moved to a one-bedroom apartment in the city. It was a far cry from the old house, but Mom chose to live there so that she could have enough money for my growing needs as a toddler. Around that time, one career job still sufficed, and she only had to leave me to the neighbor for a few hours.

When I entered elementary school, though, my mother had to get two career jobs to support me. After all, even if it was free to go to a public school, there were still many extra expenses that came with having a student in the household.


To save money, my mother would pack leftover food from dinner as my lunch the next day. If she did not have time to cook, she would give me a dollar to buy a burger at McDonald’s. Then, instead of riding the school bus like the other kids, I learned how to use the public bus. My mother could have traveled with me since she went to work on a bus, but we had different routes. She would wait until I was safely sat behind the driver before crossing the street to wait for her bus.

Whenever my mother and I would walk home from the bus stop in the afternoon, she would always say, “Baby, I’m sorry that you need to experience this. Don’t worry; when I get a higher-paying career job, you can go on the school bus like the others.” Every time, though, my answer was, “I am happy to ride the bus, Mom.” 

I did not always mean it, of course. But because I grew up seeing my mother’s hardships, I learned to value everything she did for me. Hence, when I graduated from high school, I told her that I was thinking of skipping college to start working a career full-time. My goal was to buy back the same house that we lost right after Dad passed away and let it be Mom’s retirement home. 

However, my mother disagreed with me. She said, “No, baby, you will go to college. I saved enough money for at least two semesters. I want to see you become a chemist as a career.”


It was the first time that Mom told me what she wanted me to be. Out of respect, I went with the flow for this career. Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks when I handed my diploma to her four years later.

Being A motivated Working Girl

Thanks to my impressive grades, I got employed in a massive pharmaceutical company two weeks after graduation for my first career. I could have moved us to a nicer condo and bought a car for myself with my starting career salary, but I didn’t. I rode the train and brought packed lunches to my career work to save as much money as possible to give the current owner of our old house an offer that they could not decline.

I managed to fulfill my promise within five years. During that period, I was taking double career shifts almost every day. Mom and I had not celebrated Christmas and New Year together, let alone a mere embrace, for that long because the company offered triple career pay to the employees who continued to work even on holidays.

When we settled back into our old house, though, I suddenly felt a strong desire to resign from my career job at the pharmaceutical company. Since I had already given Mom what she wanted, I thought that I could go embracing what I wanted, becoming a novelist as my career.

Career Transition Is a Self-Discovery Process

Changing Profession Saved Me

I discussed my plan with my mother because it was too big for one person. I said, “Mom, I have been experiencing career burnout for some time now. If I don’t stop going to that place for my career, I might need to see a career counselor soon.”

When I got my mother’s support, I filed my resignation letter from my first career at once and began working on my first book. I even dolled up the garden and changed it into a bit of sanctuary so that I could get inspired and embrace creativity.



The change in my disposition and career did not appear immediately, but I looked forward to waking up and writing again as my career whenever I went to bed. I was excited to work in my new career– that’s not something I ever experienced before, but I felt blessed to experience it now and embrace all the lessons I’m learning along the way on this career change.

Best Coping Methods: Frequently Asked Questions


We all deal with anxiety all the time. Some of us are fortunate enough to handle the stress with just a little effort, while some people need to extract all their time and energy to get by. Honestly, that is entirely normal since we all suffer from different stressors. We can easily manage things, and there are those we cannot put up a fight with. But regardless of the general situation, we need to realize that our overall wellness relies on how dedicated we are to keeping it intact. Because if we only think about getting better but we don’t spend an effort in making that happen, the thought of having overall stability will stay as an idea.


It is true that with mental health problems, all is not fair. There are instances that even if we tried our best, we still end up failing. Even if we thought we already give our all, we still can’t get rid of the emotional and mental torture. Ironically, there are also times that the more we try to work on our mental health issues, the more we fall into the depths of despair. But despite that, a little effort is still an effort. Thus, the more we pay attention to our mental health needs, the more we begin to realize the importance of trying.

Understandably, we all have questions that we want answers to. We all need a way to recover from stress and anxiety in our day-to-day lives. Here are some of the few frequently asked questions that might help us start the wellness recovery.

What are some coping strategies for anxiety?

Some of the excellent coping strategies to eliminate anxiety include practicing meditation and relaxation techniques such as yoga. You can also consider reading, spending time on your hobbies, engaging in physical activity or spirituality, or spending time with friends. You should also consider having time for yourself.

But note that you need to have a specific goal of what you want to achieve when trying to get rid of the mental health problem. That way, you won’t easily get distracted, and you will stay focused on the first reason you want to get better.

 What are the five types of coping strategies?

The five types of coping strategies that you can focus on should start from releasing pent-up emotions. You can work on it by distracting yourself from managing hostile feelings. Also, consider utilizing systematic relaxation procedures such as meditation or mindfulness practices.

If these do not work in any case, consider looking for other alternatives such as learning new skills, spending time with friends and family more often, pampering yourself, traveling, etc. As long as you can keep yourself busy with other things, there is a great chance that the coping strategy you choose will work perfectly.

 What is the most effective coping strategy?

The most effective coping strategy is relaxation. When you are relaxed or practice calming techniques, you can manage stress and improve overall coping skills. You must have to put your mind and body to a relaxed state to develop other coping skills you can also consider. It could include exercise, watching a film, reading, or having a meaningful conversation with family and friends.

 What helps severe anxiety?

Severe anxiety can have an intense, excessive fear or worry about everything. It is vital to practice regular relaxation techniques, particularly meditation, to help with or reduce anxiety. If it helps, also consider progressive muscle relaxation and deep breathing exercises. Both can increase feelings of relaxation and helps strengthen emotional well-being.

Understandably, paying attention to these strategies might not work at first. That is due to frequent distractions that will take over and destroy your focus. That is okay. You have to try it all over again so that you can get used to the procedure. Because eventually, when you master the art of meditation, your overall wellness will improve.


 How can I kill anxiety naturally?

Fortunately, there are better ways to reduce anxiety naturally. Some of these are staying physically active. It includes activities such as a jog or walk in the park or doing household chores. Some specifics might also help, such as quitting smoking, ditching caffeine, getting enough sleep, meditating, eating healthy foods, hydrating, and practicing breathing exercises.

Overall, lifestyle change is a significant thing to do. It contributes a lot to the development of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. When you get a hold of the most comfortable coping method, a guarantee of killing anxiety instantly is relatively high.

 Does CBD help anxiety?

Many CBD products on the market help relieve anxiety. Recent clinically tested CBD products have shown better results in treating social anxiety and other anxiety disorders. Most of it is FDA-approved in treating epilepsy as well. It has shown that CBD can effectively reduce anxiety.

But of course, you don’t want to take it without any prescription. Too little or too much of any prescribed or unprescribed medication can be bad for your health as it can cause unwanted complications. It is always the best action to consult an expert before trying any dose of the medication. Avoid self-evaluating and self-trial and error. There is nothing good with medication without clinical approval.

 Does CBD Oil calm you down?

Cannabidiol (CBD) contains cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. Although researchers are still looking into ongoing CBD Oil effects, some studies suggest reducing anxiety symptoms. Aside from that, it also shows to effects some conditions like insomnia and certain chronic pain.

But before trying it, you might as well consider learning more about the product. Not for you to feel discouraged and find a reason not to use it, but for you to gain additional information on its effect on your overall health. Note that even if CBD claims to work a hundred percent on some people, it does not guarantee the same results. So be careful not to think too much about its benefits since few studies can prove it to be generally effective.

 How much CBD should I take for panic attacks?

Honestly, there is no known CBD dose for any anxiety as of the moment. However, studies have found that 300 mg to 600 mg doses of CBD reduce anxiety, especially in people with a social anxiety disorder.

In case you are not sure whether to take it or not, consult an expert. Do not settle with what you know or what the internet tells you. Find good and realizable resources of information.


Final Thoughts

Dealing with anxiety can be a lot stressful than we think. But there is nothing to worry about, especially if you know you can focus on finding the best coping strategy to fit your needs. Just be mindful not to take things up at an extreme level. If in case you are uncertain about a process, always make time to seek professional advice.



Tips On How A Manager Can Support The Mental Health Of Employees

Now more than ever, businesses are starting to navigate the complicated realm of mental health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of five workers experiences mental illness.

Among this number, only one in three ask help and assistance from either a professional or a colleague. Once they experience the effects of depression, anxiety, stress, and more, they generally feel burdened to work and live life. 

Thus, workplaces need to come up with initiatives that will ease their employees’ mental health concerns. One of the best touchpoints to go about this is through the direct manager. As a manager, what are the strategies that will help support the mental health of your employees? Read on to know some of the best tips. 

Understand The Ins And Outs Of Mental Health


You won’t be able to fully address your employee’s mental health concerns if you’re not familiar with the roadmap of mental health. Keep in mind that you do not have to explore every bit of it. You just have to understand the fundamentals and its effect on an individual.

So, how can you widen your knowledge on this sensitive topic? Listed below are some of the simple ways you can engage yourself with: 

  • Read Reliable Sources

With the emergence of the internet, more and more resources are now available online. However, you still have to be wary about it. Not everything you read on the internet is factual and accurate. As a tip, read scientific journals or those websites ending in .org and .edu. 

  • Attend Mental Health Training And Discussions

To give you a snapshot of the various facets of mental health, it is best to join seminars. The pandemic has shifted how we maximize the online platforms. Given the reality, there are now many free online talks exploring this topic, which gives you different perspectives and equip you on the science behind it. 

Deep Dive Into The Primary Causes Of Workplace Stress


Admit it or not, the workplace is one of the primary sources of stress. Once workers feel this, it leads to exhaustion, loss of focus, insomnia, low productivity, and more. Therefore, as a manager, it is vital for you to explore the primary causes of stress in your work environment.

After pinpointing what’s applicable in your current setup, make sure to develop strategies that will address it. Here are some of the most common work-related stress: 

  • Relationship With Colleagues

One root cause of stress is the working relationship with colleagues. Face it. Workmates have different stands when it comes to working. Some accomplish things when put in a time-pressured setup, but others are not a fan of cramming. Co-workers often clash because of issues like these. 

  • The High Demand For The Role

Stress also arises when employees can’t cope with the high demands of the position. Several individuals cannot handle the massive amount of responsibilities on their plate, the scale of the work they’re doing, or the type of job they are a part of. 

  • Changes In Company Culture 

Company culture also changes once management changes. The entry of a new boss might change the usuals. This scenario can also be a source of anxiety for an employee. 

Open Your Door


Admit it or not, it’s a bit terrifying and awkward to open up to your manager. One silver lining the pandemic has brought, however, is gradually erasing the stigma of mental health. Now, more and more big bosses understand that mental health problems are normal, and that’s where they can come in. 

It is part of your responsibility to check how your employees are doing. To receive an honest answer from their end, you have to show them that they are welcome to talk to you. Leave your door open. This way, your employees will feel comfortable entering your room and speak to you with transparency. 

Aside from this, you must also be honest with them. Give them a snapshot of your experience, especially on the mental health challenges you experience as a leader. 

Be A Model


Do not be an advocate just for the sake of being one. The best way to show people that you are true with what you believe in is to act appropriately and be a model. A lot of managers only focus on the mental health of their team. Sometimes, they forget to take care of themselves because of their workload.

If your people see that you’re not practicing what you preach, they may not feel motivated to follow your mental health directions. 

Do not burden yourself too much. If you can, go on a much-needed vacation. Do not forget to turn off your email and cellphone notifications so it won’t distract you! If you feel that you need professional help, schedule a session with your therapist. 

Set An Employee Assistance Program

There is no standard approach for addressing mental health challenges. The best way to go about this is to set up an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and incorporate activities that fit your culture. Here are some of them: 

  • Sponsor employee training and development (integrate mental health in some sessions)
  • Establish a buddy support system
  • Improve the structure of employee feedback
  • Send mental health newsletters
  • Provide access to mental health services via person or online

There are so many things a manager can do for his people. Addressing this aspect will increase productivity, decrease employee health care costs in the long run, increase employee retention, and boost your employees’ confidence. 


Why You Should Consider Starting A Family Business


The year 2020 has been full of uncertainties. Jobs were lost, we spend most of our time at home, and the healthcare and financial system are fluctuating. You begin to think: can I still turn this around? Within the bounds of your home, and the limited social reach, an excellent idea to start with is starting your own family business. 

In the United States alone, almost 90% of the existing businesses are either currently or previously family-owned. It has its advantages and disadvantages. It also does not mean that you expect to grow a large corporation right away.

A family business can be as simple as creating your online store, t-shirt printing business, or food delivery business. Whether or not you plan to grow it in the future, it is worth considering. 

Ironically, the instability caused by the pandemic has also paved the way for alternative business opportunities. Here is a list of why you should start considering starting a family business, even outside of the pandemic.

Minimal Starting Capital 

Starting your family business does not have to be costly. For one, you do not immediately need to worry about the cost of labor. When you have your family as your starting team, it is much easier not to worry about compensation payments and other benefits just yet. 

You also do not have to worry about getting a place to build your headquarters. If your family is living in the same house, you may turn a part of your home into your office. For example, if your business is in line with the food industry, you can cook and even set up your store inside your home. 

Like-Minded People 

Growing up under the same roof and upbringing, you likely have the same personalities and worldviews. This way, it might be easier to work because you have people with the same values as yours. You almost do not have to worry about clashing views. 

Skipping A Big Part Of Evaluation 

You probably know your family members very well, especially if you live together. You see them at their most unguarded states. You deal with their raw attitudes and personalities.

You also know their tendencies and attitudes or whether you can trust them or not. Either way, you can be more prepared for safety nets because you already know the person even outside the business. 


If you are convinced enough to start your own family business, consider making it multi-generational. In this way, you get a holistic approach to the business.

Each family member has their own unique experiences and views. You can use these differences to your advantage. Involving family members from different generations can make decision-making or marketing better.

Each generation niche could open multiple vantage points in a problem. What better place to get a diverse and useful viewpoint than from your family, right? 

But it is important to remember not to rely on decision-making and view discussion on the mere powerplay of seniority in age. Everyone should be respected by hearing out their opinions regardless of how old they are. 



Flexible And Stable 

Families are one of those relationships that root from unconditional love. Having your family as your starting team in the business could mean having a sound support system. They are likely to do more and better at their job to keep your business growing. 

If you did things in the right way, you could also expect stability in your family business. Besides, one of the reasons why we look for a job is to provide for our families. What better way to achieve this than putting in a collective effort of providing through a family business? 

Pre-Formed Team 

If you use your family as your starting team, most likely, you already have structure and pre-established dynamics. It may or may not work. But most of the time, you can guarantee cooperation from your pre-formed team. 

However, even though it is easier to work with your pre-established team, you still must make sure that it has a healthy atmosphere. We must keep in mind that not all families have efficient and healthy dynamics. 

Like any other business, you must make sure you get a proper evaluation of each members’ strengths, weaknesses, and work ethics. But since this is a family business, the relationships and identity of the people are far more complex than a simple employee-boss relationship. 

For example, you may have emotional baggage in the family that could later affect your work dynamics. Whatever happens along the way; you cannot merely cut the relations of being a family.

In other businesses, you can simply get fired or quit the job, and you almost do not have to deal with it anymore. In families, you will still see each other in thanksgiving, holidays, birthdays, etc. 



Overall, having your own family business is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it would give you convenience when it comes to the cost-efficiency of resources. You can work in a more comfortable environment with people you are satisfied with. 

On the other hand, creating your own family business can be challenging if your family dynamics are in a rough state, to begin with. In any workplace, it can be toxic when there is unnecessary powerplay and exploitation. It is much more complex for families because your relations do not end there. You do not stop being a family. 

There may be many critical factors you must consider in a family business, but in uncertain times such as a pandemic, it is worth exploring this option.

Trying Your Hand At Auctioning Post-Pandemic

Auctions are happening every single day of the week, and many of them may be happening right in your city. Attending one is a way for people to start a buy-and-sell business, you see. Whatever you end up buying at an auction can be sold at a price you decide on. If you are lucky, and you buy the contents of a storage unit, you may get a vintage piece and sell it twice or thrice the amount that you have paid for the entire thing.  

Here’s a beginner’s guide for folks who want to try their hand at auctioning post-pandemic.


Look For A Trustworthy Website

The first thing you need to do is find a big database where auctioneers can set up an account and upload a description about their company, a link to their website, and dates for their upcoming auctions. They can come here to post photographs of the items that they will be auctioning off, too. That is usually an opportunity to take a look at the products to get a general idea if you wish to attend that auction or not. After all, you are getting an idea about the listings, so you know if anything seems interesting. 

The website you will stick to should be easy to navigate. In the primary function, you type the zip code and wait for the option to show you the auctions happening or about to occur within a specific radius. For instance, in case you are willing to drive anywhere from 30 to 300 miles, go for it. If you are looking for a particular type of items, such as an antique or a gun or a coin, you may type the keywords as well.


Check Out The Photos

The auctioneers you want to pay attention to are the ones who have taken the time to upload images of the things that they will be up for bidding. And I am not talking about stock photos that you can get for free on Google, okay? They should be real pictures that show every facet of the item. 

This is why you need to see everything through a website first. When you click a photo, you will be able to enlarge it and identify if the stuff you are checking out is worth its starting price or not. If it is, then feel free to sign up for the auction. If it is not, you can find at least a dozen more auctioneers with authentic products on display. 


Decide On What You Wish To Buy And Sell

A lot of the stuff can be pretty cheap in auctions and do not cost a lot of money. That is especially true when you bid on items in storage units. However, the older and more preserved an object is, the higher its value gets. E.g., coins, guns, vases, antique glasses, jewelry, etc. 

You need to think if you will buy the cheaper pieces and reduce the chances of losing money or go for the gold (sometimes literally) and become rich quickly. Either option seems very tempting, I know, and I cannot tell you which one to pick. It all depends on what your potential buyers may want, so consider their views before joining an auction.


Final Thoughts 

Since there is still a raging war against the coronavirus, it does not seem like the auctions will open until after another month or two. In your case, that’s okay as you get a chance to genuinely think things through and figure out what kind of items you should be buying and selling.

But before the crisis ends, I suggest that you go to an online auction to get a feel for what takes place in such an event. This way, you will realize which auctioneers to look for and win every bid. Good luck!


Challenges Businesses Will Face

In the last 2019 Nutrition conference, there is a discussion about how businesses should focus on the public’s economic benefits. That is why there is an emphasis that entrepreneurs should consider incorporating health and wellness into their products. But not all businesses succeed in that. Let us understand what the challenges they face are.


Lack Of Resources – All businesses did not start having all the resources for their disposal. Honestly, every business went through a tough patch only to keep the company running. It is a normal process, and over time, if all went well, there is an excellent chance of succeeding through the learning and experimenting. Soon, the business will understand the significance of creativity, and that gives them a competitive advantage.

Lack Of Genuine Support – Businesses fail because sometimes, they get caught up in listening to the negativities around them. Somehow, it seems like the struggle in providing people with great products relies on how other close individuals appreciate the effort. Yes, some of them congratulate the business because that’s the nice thing to say. But in reality, some of these people are only present in monitoring and criticizing the business evolution, and waiting for it to crash.


Unclear Vision – Some businesses fail because they only care about money-making. Yes, a lot of companies focus solely on generating profit instead of providing quality services. That is a problem because if businesses only care about themselves, they will never gain public trust. There is no way people will choose their products.

Industry Changes – It happens all the time in a fast-moving industry. Since no one can predict a business evolution, no one can tell if a business will succeed for a long time. That even if there’s a technological involvement, there is still no assurance that people’s needs stay the same after a few years or decades.


Your People Will Mirror Your Business To Clients – Choose Wisely


One thing that I enjoyed about the 2019 Business Events was how the speakers and the entrepreneurs talked about their humble beginnings. I am always fascinated on how businessmen think. It was a mystery to me. Things like how they come up with their ideas turned business plans for when initiating the business, how much risk they were willing to take and how to circumvent it, and finally, how they went about their business plan, doing it and being successful in the long run were very interesting to me. That event was a life turning point for me.

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4 New Jobs To Try Amid A Pandemic

Have you heard about the President urging the mayors and governors to open their cities for business amid a pandemic?

No one can blame His Excellency for that—the economy has been gravely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Factories needed to halt their operations; non-food stores had to shut down to lower the chances of virus transmission. Because of all these, many people are suffering from unemployment.

I know that you may be sad and worried about the future if the bosses fire you amid a pandemic. However, it will help if you remember that that’s not the only job you can have. Here are four new ones to try:



Writing is one of the most practical jobs to have during a worldwide crisis. After all, you do not have to come to the office to start working. You can write under the tree or in your bedroom anytime as long as the ideas flow. A computer or laptop is not even an immediate necessity, considering you can use your phone to do it.

In case you wish to become a writer, you may look for clients at freelancing platforms like Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, Fiverr, etc. You will find hundreds of new offers every day, so you can choose where to send your application. Should you have a story in mind, you may write a book and try self-publishing.



Baking is a secret obsession for many individuals. Some love to learn the basics by watching YouTube tutorials; others sign up for a crash course in baking. Either way, if you bake pastries well, you should try selling them.

Do not readily assume that it won’t be a hit because everyone is at home or because you do not own a shop. When you have plenty of friends online, you can post beautiful photos of your creations and wait for them to ask where you have gotten them. Once it happens, you can start adding a price to every pastry and taking orders from new customers.



Being a painter is seen as a luxury job because every painted canvas can cost anywhere from $100 to $450,000,000. Yes, I mentioned nine digits—that’s not a typographical error. The painting is called Salvator Mundi, a masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci.

It is alright if you are not as creative as the classical and modern painters that everyone knows. It does not mean that you cannot choose a specific theme for your subjects and hold an art exhibit. Even if you can only do it once a year, selling all your paintings at once can bring you a fortune.


Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Are you always on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube? You may be spending hours on these social media channels, doing nothing but stalking your favorite influencers. If you want to be productive without needing to go offline, you may try to become an internet sensation yourself.

This job is suitable for you, given that you may already know how influencers make money online. For instance, you can decide on a niche—or three—and film, edit, and post videos on YouTube. You may then use other platforms to promote your new channel so that more people will subscribe to it.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps your unemployment is a blessing in disguise, a way for you to focus on a job that you will not mind doing until your retirement. Although it may be challenging to fathom how you can transition to any of the careers mentioned above, you should never lose hope. Pick the one that you feel most interested in and stop wasting your time with other jobs.

Employees Conference And Business Training Are Necessary


Attending the 2018 Employees Conference was an excellent opportunity for an employee like me to learn more about the business world. I know that I have the right morals and ethics while in this profession, but I sought more information on this particular need since it will benefit me in the future. Business is a complicated world with various fields and industries. What may be right for this field may not be applicable for the other, and so attending this conference was a good chance to look into that opportunity.

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