Most psychologists and psychotherapists agree to research that affects behavior, which is the social and environmental perspective. It represents the interaction between people’s traits in social and environmental interaction. It means that part of people’s social equation is learning of things through the response they give and get from others. That is the reason why people seem to act, think, and respond the same way and others differently.

The Environment And Behavior


Different people choose to stay in a different environment. There are categorized types of individuals that hang out together because they share the same perspective in almost everything. Their views and opinions make them attract each other. However, there are those individuals that often opposes. But it does not mean that they don’t belong to the same circle. It just proves that people’s thoughts and ideas differ depending on the kind of perspective they wished to follow even if they share the same group. But why is that?

People differ in perceptions regardless if they are staying at the same type of environment. Their behavior depends on certain factors such as upbringing, childhood experience, trauma, regrets, and doubt in one’s self. However, these things only take a small percentage of people’s behavior because of the environment that individuals have impacted their lives in an unnoticeable way. That is due to the presence of peer pressure everywhere, and most people are dying to fit in. There is this mentality that being different is unacceptable to society.

Behavior And Control

Honestly, people’s behavior depends on situations and other individuals they try to surround themselves. That is the reason why everything they say and does always goes back to the vital sense of personal control. It is the extent where individuals perceive what things around them are merely results of their decisions. These things include their life and relationship struggle, as well as social and environmental connection. They believe in having control over their fate and luck. However, not all the times it is like that. Some individuals go with the flow because that is how they picture control. As you can see, all theories of behavior go back to “perceptions.” But the whole point of understanding behavior relates to people’s response where it reveals some things about their motivation and concerns towards what is in front of them.

People’s different personalities and traits get determined by others through their reaction and response from social and environmental interaction. There is an expectation that all things that matter for someone will not entirely matter to another. There is a tendency that what goes beyond people’s expectations towards learning themselves does not apply to those who already knew who they are.



Different unconscious processes drive people to do the things they believe is right. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. All individuals see things differently, and that is why their behaviors also differ. Honestly, there is nothing complicated in understanding human nature. Everything is just a matter of perspective.