Your Behavior Matters: Choose To Be Happy

Are you somebody who sees nothing but negativity? Are there times that even if the situation is something you should celebrate, you begin looking for things that will ruin the day? Are you an individual who gets easily mad at little and worthless things without a valid reason? Are you sometimes aware that you feel annoyed and angry when things do not go your way? Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are others like you that at some point, experience the same kinds of emotions. But the point here is, that kind of mentality and behavior is something that shouldn’t become part of your personality. There are better things to do than fuss around with all those negativity.

What’s Wrong With You?

Sure, you do not have enough cash on your wallet, and you do not live in a luxurious place. But it does not need to bother you. There are other people out there that are less fortunate than you are. Some of them are trying their best to cope up with their needs in life, and somehow, it is not an issue for them. You see, the thing that keeps you away from being happy is contentment. When you always want more, you become to need more. There is no point in giving you everything because you will still want the things that you can or cannot have. If you have not noticed, the problem here is the eagerness of life satisfaction. You desire more because you do not feel happy with small things around you. You more likely can’t sustain emotional stability because your state of mind focuses on things that entirely don’t matter.

The main reason for your unhappiness is your attitude towards what in front of you. You keep blaming everything and everyone around you for why you are not satisfied with your life, where in fact, it is you that has a problem. You always see fault in everyone. But honestly, you hate everything because you are sad. You complain a lot because you once felt neglected. You focus on mistakes because you try to live with perfection. You want more because you experienced having nothing. It is okay. You do not have to feel bad about it because it is your emotional issues. But that does not mean you have to stick in that condition forever. Try to explore what is entirely going on with you and stop searching for validation. No one needs that, and you don’t genuinely need that too. That is life. The way only to deal with it is accepting that it happened. From there, learn to move on and choose to become happy.

Take Away

If you let things stay the exact negative way, you will end up miserable and alone. So before that happens, please do consider changing your behavior towards happiness. There are enough things you can find beauty in this world. It could be your family, friends, significant other, or yourself. Learn to appreciate what you have.…

Gardening Therapy And Mental Health Disorders



If you were a plant and garden lover, you’d know that tinkering with your greens and reds could have a tremendously enriching impact on your well-being. The benefits of gardening to one’s mental health is somehow underestimated are undoubtedly existent. Whether they’re large or small, our gardens provide us with a unique kind of peacefulness on us, which is not easy to find in our chaotic and confusing world. Now, as more and more advancements are seen, doctors, therapists, and other mental health professionals have explored and discovered the powerful potential of gardening to heal us from the inside. As studies are being continually done, it’s becoming clear that stress, depression, and frustration could be eliminated right at your own yard.


Anxiety, Depression, And Gardening

These two mental health issues are tormentors of our world. In these modern times, no one is spared from being depressed and anxious. The only difference for some is that they suffer from these more gravely than the others, which makes it a major problem.

Anxiety and depression are severely disabling health issues that can easily destroy someone’s life and can most certainly damage their relationships, jobs, and lifestyles. Those who have difficulty managing their ordeals can turn to suicide, bringing with them a gamut of other related health problems.

But the good news, especially for the busy mothers and fathers who have these issues, is that they can de-stress in their homes through gardening therapy. A study a few years back, which showed surprisingly high positive outcomes, can prove this theory. Additionally, the literal action of planting and its whole process improves one’s physical health as well. Gardening is a great substitute for exercise or a workout at the gym.


Anorexia, Bulimia, And Gardening

Eating disorders affect both men and women. Both genders also benefit well with the uplifting qualities of gardening. But one other thing quality that these individuals will get from planting and taking care of their gardens is that they are encouraged to grow healthy food. This habit of growing and eating healthy food that they themselves planted has proven extremely beneficial to most sufferers of anorexia and bulimia. It helps them clear their minds as well as connect with themselves, as well as enable them to strengthen their relationship with healthy food.


Ultimately, growing their own food has widened their understanding of its relevance in their lives. This can profoundly help individuals who see food as a measure of one’s look.


ADD And Gardening

Kids are mostly the ones who are emphasized in ADD, and teaching them how to garden can positively affect their disorder as well as their physical and emotional health. Better yet, you can do some gardening together and have fun while you bond!

About 5% of American kids have ADD. If your kid is one of the 5%, then he may be socially and academically challenged. However, for those who regularly visit the garden to water the plants or even just to play around, studies have shown a significant decrease in their symptoms. So whether you have a small, colorful garden or a landscaped, spacious one, planting a lot of greens, reds, and oranges could help your ADD child grow healthier, smarter, and happier.


Heartache And Gardening

Heartache is an intense feeling that looms and damages a person’s quality of life. When you break up with your partner, get diagnosed with a severe illness, or lose someone you love, your heart is heavy and breaking. Some people attempt to escape the pain by drinking, inappropriate eating or even substance abuse. But there are others who know too well that these will only help one forget the pain until the effects last. And one of the alternative ways that they have discovered is to start gardening.

A real-life story proved this theory to be right. Some students from Ohio who just lost a classmate from a tragic accident decided to try gardening to help them recover from the loss. They would reflect and bond in the garden in memory of their classmate. It became their solace and comfort, a means to talk about their emotions and try to work on them together. That small garden gave them something to hold on to – and to physically release their negative emotions. They reported to feeling calm and peaceful as they were keeping in touch with nature. In a way, the cultivation of plant life helped them come to a realization that there is hope and joy even after tragedy. Experts later called this therapy grief gardening.


The process that involves gardening also provides physical and mental upliftment, especially when there is something to look forward to after the garden has been done. The cycle of waking up every day to visit and water the plants, weed and clean the garden, and making sure that it is ‘living’ is a wonderful reminder of the importance of caring for our lives.




A Happier You: Is It Time To Try Online Therapy?

Are you aware that many people these days are starting to commit suicide because of their problems and issues? Others say that these individuals are weak enough for ending their own lives instead of fighting the remaining battles in their lives. They are the ones who chose the easy way out. Because of all these, people are reminded once again to focus on taking good care of themselves – not only physically or mentally. At times, there may be a need to try online therapy.



If you are also going through a rough time in your life right now, do not be embarrassed to try counseling or therapy. With the recent advancements in technology, it is now possible to have a therapist without the need to go to an office. Nowadays, you can easily contact a therapist who can help you get a better understanding of everything that is happening in your life. Most importantly, this professional can also help you manifest more happiness in your life.


Below are the top signs that you need to consider online therapy:


You Are In Constant Emotional Pain


Having negative emotions at all times can be challenging on your part because it may influence you to do things that you do not want to. As such, whenever you are in great pain, the best thing to do is to take a break from all the things that are making your schedule crazy. Once you do this, start to plan how you are going to contact an online therapist. This professional will then provide you with better ways on how to handle your emotions, especially those that make you cry.



You Need Someone To Talk To


Not having people to talk about or discuss your concerns can be problematic on your part. It hurts to realize that you do not have someone in your life that you can trust with all your feelings and emotions. Instead of wallowing into grief and sadness, it is suggested to book an appointment with a therapist. He is the one who can provide you a shoulder to cry one. You will be amazed at the kind of relief that you would fall the moment you consider such an agreement.


You Recently Suffered A Trauma


Going through a traumatic experience is not an easy thing to do. No matter how strong or firm you are, there will always be a part of you that will bend whenever you experience trauma. Instead of worrying more about this matter, it is best if you would book for a session with an online therapist. If you believe that you need more time to heal and overcome the trauma, you can always extend the number of meetings with the therapist. However, it is best if you would inform the licensed counselor or therapist ahead of time.



You Have No Idea Of The Future


Another thing that can make you feel bad in this life is thinking about the future, which is uncertain. If you are confident with how your life is turning around, then you are going to move forward to better tomorrows. On the other hand, if you are confused with a lot of things and you have no idea where to start processing them, then do not hesitate to contact an online therapist. Keep in mind that therapy sessions may include teaching strategies and techniques to solve your life’s battles.




The sad thing about our society is that seeking therapy is still considered a taboo. There are still some people who continue to claim that those who seek professional help have already gone mad or crazy. Well, this is a wrong or false statement. Just because one book an appointment with a licensed therapist or counselor does not mean that the said individual is insane.



Keep in mind that online therapy may or may not be adequate for you. As such, it is essential for you to participate in all activities and exercises. Moreover, it is ideal if you will cooperate with the therapist well. Do not give him or her a hard time understanding what you want. Everything you do will eventually be worth it someday.


Guidelines To Follow For Every Shopping Addict

A lot of people enjoy buying items for themselves or shopping for other people. Unfortunately, many of these individuals end up being in a state of bankruptcy because of overwhelming debts. It is such a sad reality that many people suffer from the adverse effects of being a shopaholic. Some of them may claim that they are only shopping since they consider the activity as retail therapy. In our point of view, we believe that shopping can be something great and advantageous for someone, as long as she knows how to control her urges.



If you consider yourself as a shopping addict, make sure to familiarize some guidelines that you have to observe so that you can overcome this addiction. Take note that just like any addiction disorder, being shopaholic can have adverse consequences. It can be dangerous if not prevented as soon as possible. Below is the list of guidelines to follow:


Understand Your Finances


The initial or first step that you must take is to find a way to understand your current financial situation. You can start by identifying the amount of income that you receive every month. Once you have the number, deduct the number of expenses that you also incur every month.


Keep in mind that the answer to the said equation cannot be considered as “free” money. You have to take a percentage of future savings. Whatever is left can be disposed of according to your wants, such as shopping for stuff. Knowing the current level of your finances is essential so that you can determine whether you have enough cash to continue being a shopaholic.


Join Support Groups


Another thing that you can consider is joining support groups that are composed of people who are going through the same problem as yours. Whether you like it or not, it has been proven that group therapy sessions can be beneficial for the attendees. As such, it is highly recommended if you will find time to search for the most engaging and truthful support group for shopaholics like you.


Remember that the moment you become part of the group system, it is imperative on your part to remain honest about what you honestly feel. You can never get better if you continue to think that there is nothing wrong about loving shopping activities. Be mature enough to recognize what is wrong in your life so that it can still be fixed. Never hesitate to ask for help from the right people in the group.


Seek Professional Help


The saddest thing about addiction is that it does not only destroy your life as a person. At the same time, it also exposes you to several vulnerabilities to the point that you will start to hurt the people surrounding you. When this happens, there is a high likelihood that your relationships with them may be affected in a bad light. At the same time, it can also make you doubt your capacity to succeed or achieve happiness.



Luckily, you can always choose to try professional help to ensure that you will receive the right kind of treatment. Do not fret because the choice solely depends on your preferences. You have the absolute right to decide who is going to be your therapist. If you are unsure about this choice, feel free to get in touch with some friends or acquaintances who can refer you to another therapist.


Give Up Your Cards


As already mentioned above, there is nothing wrong about wanting to purchase a particular item especially when it is on sale. What is unforgivable is when you get something on loan, via credit card, when in truth you are sure that it will never be paid because of your present financial condition.



The best thing that you can do at this point is to gather your credit cards and only choose one. Keep in mind that you do not need to have tons of credit cards because you can always want to pay in cash. In so doing, you can help yourself in controlling your shopping tendencies since you no longer have a card to use for the purchases.


Shopping is not bad, as long as you know how to control yourself. However, once it becomes an addiction, you have to act on it as soon as possible.


Valentine’s Day 2019 Shopping Guide

The Valentine’s Day for 2019 is just around the corner, which means that several people are now thinking of the best gifts for their partners or even family members. If you are one of these individuals, then you are aware that there are many challenges to face when it comes to gift giving. First of all, it is quite challenging to identify what to give your partner. There is always that fear that you may provide something that is way over the board or one that is too cheap.



Aside from this, the budget is also an important consideration when buying gifts. How much are you willing to spend for Valentine’s Day celebration? Moreover, you will also find it difficult to look for a gift that will suit the personality of the person you love. Below are some of the tips and tricks that you need to follow to ensure that everything will be smooth sailing on your part. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these strategies for a worry-free gift search:


Keep It Simple


The first thing that you need to remember is that the simple your gift is, the better. It means that you do not have to pressure yourself into buying an extravagant present. One of the smart suggestions that you can try is to get something personalized for your partner. For sure, she will appreciate it a lot especially if you are the one who prepared it. A perfect example for this is a scrapbook that contains all the photos of the great moments that you shared.


Know Your Budget


Another essential factor to consider is the amount of budget that you are willing to spend for the Valentine’s Day event. As already mentioned above, never pressure yourself into paying more than what you can afford. A person who truly loves you will not look at the amount or cost of the gift that she will receive from you. Instead, she will appreciate you for who you are, regardless of what you have given her for the special day. Fortunately, you can get something cool and special, even at an affordable price.


Shop Early


Always remember that there is such a thing as Valentine’s Day rush. It is the season where many people are already engaged in panic buying. They usually buy the gifts at the last minute, which is why it becomes more complicated on their part. Take note that you can never think straight if you are in a hurry. As such, the best thing to do is to buy the present ahead of time. You can get it as early as the last week of January so that you can save yourself from the unnecessary stress. At the same time, it can also allow or enable you to save more money. Keep in mind that the prices of the gift items usually increase during the February 1 to February 14.




Be Resourceful


The goal is to find a unique gift or present that will make your partner smile. You have to be resourceful in finding out what she wants. If you want everything to be a surprise, you can always ask some friends or family members about what she likes to receive. However, you need to be sure that the other party cannot detect that you are planning for a surprise. Otherwise, everything will no longer be exciting contrary to what you expected.


Think Out Of The Box


At this point, it is imperative to emphasize the fact that the term “gift” does not only refer to a material item or something that can be touched. It can also mean a wonderful gesture or a great experience. Hence, it is time to start thinking out of the box. An excellent example of this is deciding to cook for your partner during Valentine’s Day instead of staying at home. Another option is to go on an out of town trip together instead of merely giving the other party a material gift.





Be sure to remember all the ideas mentioned above so that you can avoid any inconvenience and hassle brought by gift giving. As repeated continuously in the article, the price of the gift is not the significant factor that can wow the recipient. Because of this, it is crucial to have a deeper understanding of who your partner is. Take note that you can only think of the best gift or present if you know who she is. Otherwise, you will only end up doing something that she may hate.


The best part about gift giving these days is that you can simply go online and make the purchase from your favorite e-commerce store. If you prefer the traditional way of shopping, you can always visit a local department store or shop. The choice actually depends on your taste and preference. Enjoy the gift hunt!


Succulents In Your Basket This Christmas (My Happy Creation)

Succulents are one of the cutest, low maintenance plants I’ve known.  I first fell in love with those plants when I received them as a birthday gift some years ago.  I don’t want that beautiful bowl arrangement to go to waste, so I took care of them well.   With my fascination, I end up reading a lot of stuff on how to take care of them.  And it’s not really that hard, not like other delicate plants.


When leaves fell off, I just leave them there, and they grow on their own. 

It was terrific seeing leaves all around, starting to have roots of their own and little shoots.  It gave me the idea of why not propagate them.  I did my homework and researched on the proper method on propagating succulents.   I bought small pots, cactus mix soil, and put in there the leaves that fell off.  After a few months, I got a small garden of beautiful succulents from the gift I received and some that I bought at the garden center.


My First Succulent Arrangement

I transferred some of my succulents in cute ceramics and rustic tin cans.  I took pictures and post them on my IG.  My friends loved it, and someone invited me to join their succulent lover group.  Their collections were so amazing.  Their rare succulents and cactus inspired me to make more succulent arrangements.  It was not a beauty at first, but I learned by watching vids on YouTube.


It gave me so much happiness and fulfillment growing these plants and creating every container.


Started My Business

I have my friends as my first customers.  I persuaded them instead of simple flower arrangements, why not give succulent arrangements.   They can last for a year with very low maintenance.


When I had built quite a number of frequenters, I received requests to why not arrange bigger ones. Some of my customers would even ask me to arrange for their gardens and rare big bowls.

They came to love my succulent arrangement.   The used to be unloved, unnoticed, very inferior of all plants, now have their share in the limelight.  You can even see them now being used as a centerpiece, sharing the fame alongside with beautiful big flowers in the bouquet.


Color Combination, Trick On Making Your Own Arrangement

Succulents have a beauty of their own, and with little simple techniques, you can really make them stand out from the crowd.

If you receive a bowl of succulent arrangement, you may grow to love it also and make another arrangement out of it.  To give you some idea and have fun with them, you can arrange your own pot based on colors, sizes, and patterns.   Succulent arrangements come in various colors and different shapes.  Don’t be afraid to experiment to make your design more interesting.


Who would ever believe that I’ll be able to make it as a business?  It started as a simple gift that brought me happiness.  Then, it became a hobby that enhances my creativity and cultivates the entrepreneur side of me.


You, too, can turn your hobby into a business if you wanted to.   All you need is to be creative and have basic business skills.


This Christmas, I’m putting succulent arrangements in a basket.   We will put in together beautiful plants that can serve as your centerpiece this holiday as you enjoy the feast with your family.   It can you can give as a gift that can light up any room all year round.  Just water it a few times a week and with a little trim, you can keep it the whole year through.…

Healthy Snack Options In Gift Baskets


Consumers are becoming ever more aware of what they eat, and this translates into how a person will view a gift containing edible components. Some are always going to prefer a 500-calorie candy bar to something more natural, but as a business owner trying to cater to the largest possible clientele, anyone making gift baskets to sell has to keep the market in mind and consider healthier alternatives. Customers and gift recipients will be appreciative, costs might well be lower, and your offering will be applicable to more a wider range of events and circumstances.

Dried Fruit and Nuts

These look good, stay fresh for months and are popular among people between the ages of 4 and 104. One thing to keep in mind is that dried fruit often contains a large amount of added sugar, and the same with salt and nuts. It’s therefore not always a very healthy snack, but it does at least have that reputation.

If selling gift baskets from home as a supplementary income or doing so on a large scale, you can even consider buying a slicer, dryer and a couple of apples and making your own dried fruit (unless doing this in an oven you already have, or producing enough to justify the cost of a fruit dryer, it will probably be more economical to buy them wholesale or even retail). There are few better ways to present dried fruit than either in a bowl or clear plastic bags, but putting nuts in a glass bottle can take them from being a snack to an unusual countertop decoration.

Fresh Fruit

Unless a fruit basket is specifically requested, offering them is something of a gamble. Produce that looks nice doesn’t always taste that good, certain fruit can be hard to come by out of season, and it’s not possible to store them for very long.

If, however, you can track down and make a deal with a local organic farmer, the situation changes. A gift basket containing a bottle of champagne becomes twice as special when it comes with a few strawberries, while most kinds of fruit can add a little color and vibrancy to any gift hamper. Of key importance is to make sure that the quality really is what you yourself would expect in a gift, and include a card or note emphasizing that the fruit does not come from a supermarket cooler.

Cookies, Muffins and Other Baked Goods

Most high-quality bakeries are afraid to make more products than they can sell during the same day, but they will generally be more than happy to fulfill any order with 24 hours’ notice. Ordering from the same place regularly can mean a discount, as can including a coupon or advertisement in the basket.

Ideally, these will only be put into gift baskets that will be delivered the same day. A large number of people are fed up with the taste and texture of factory-produced, plastic-wrapped baked treats that are so heavily dosed with chemicals that even mold dislikes them, so offering the fresh kind can be a unique selling proposition.

Preserves, Sweets and Other Edibles

There are dozens of snack options available for those who care to look, but not all of them are suitable for inclusion in a gift basket. You want your product to stand out from other options without costing the earth, and including brand-name candy that can be found at every gas station is not the way to do that.

The key points to remember are health appeal, taste, appearance and especially uniqueness. It’s also worthwhile to make sure that whatever you include is kosher, vegetarian and so on as appropriate, rather than leaving people in a position where they have to ask. Food plays a huge role in social customs including the giving of gifts, but giving someone low-quality snacks will never be the way to impress them.


Promoting Your Company With A Sample Basket


Selling a somewhat artisanal product such as gift baskets can be difficult. People don’t always understand how they can be beneficial in a business context, which is where the most consistent, most profitable sales are likely to be found. Others will prefer to assemble their own baskets without realizing that this is likely to cost them more, both in terms of time and money. Luckily, there exists a simple solution to this problem: giving away a few of your products to the local businesses who are most likely to order from you in future. Free stuff is rarely unwelcome, and doing this can drive the point home that you are able to provide an excellent, useful product for a reasonable price.…

Gift-Giving In Different Cultures


Giving a present to someone from a different society can be a way to show appreciation and a way to build bridges, but the little things can easily turn a thoughtful gesture into a massive faux pas, or even a social event into a fist fight. For instance, particular types of flowers are sometimes associated with funerals, so bringing a bouquet of these to a dinner party can really upset your hosts. In other countries, presenting a gift without holding it in both hands is a sign of insincerity and can easily cause the gift and the offer of friendship it represents to be refused. In some places, opening a gift in front of the giver is mandatory while it’s considered rude in others.…