Would you agree if someone tells you that you are not a genuine person? That all things about your personality are just an imitation from others? Of course, you would not want that. Perhaps you know that you are unique and that the things you do remind you of how you should become as a person.

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But given that idea, how will you be able to know if you are always acting the right way? Will you know that your behavior is something that makes you either bad or good? What are the traits and personalities that can define you?

Behavioral Misconception

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A lot of people like you always suffer from a behavioral misconception. It is where others make a wrong impression of you due to your chosen habits and traits. An example of this is the attitude of always complaining about things. For a lot of people, this type of personality and behavior is a negative one. That is because your often complaints about things make people think that you can’t find enough reasons to appreciate your surroundings. There is an impression that anything that they tell you will have no importance. There is a conclusion that you are not happy with your life because you complain a lot.

Though there are times, it might true. Some people still manage to put things out of proportion. Other individuals look deeper and find that perhaps the reason why you often complain does not entirely conclude negative impacts. That is because there is a significant chance that maybe you are experiencing an emotional and mental battle. And that the negativity you see comes from your anxiousness and depression. So if you can see, you and other people’s perception creates a different understanding of behavior.

What Makes You Different From The Rest?

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Yes, you are a unique individual, and everything you do appear to be part of your personality. However, even though a lot of people say you are different, there are always some individuals who will think, act, and respond like you. Meaning, there is still an exceptional chance your behavior is not yours alone. The reason for that is the effects of your social and environmental interaction. You become who you are because of the people around. You get to understand yourself from their judgments and criticism towards the things you say and do. Yes, sometimes they can be wrong, and sometimes they can be right about you. Overall, it is you, and people’s opinions toward you will define the type of person you are.

But don’t get it wrong. There is an instance that even if you portray a good example, it is not always taken as it is. Others will look at your behavior differently. Meaning, whatever you do, when you act, think, and respond negatively, it becomes part of you. But, it does not mean you must stay that way. You can still find ways to improve and become a better version of yourself.