9 Gift Baskets to Give on Special Occasions

As a rule of thumb, one should never go to someone’s home empty-handed–a basic etiquette that’s nearly forgotten nowadays. Being invited to someone’s house is a privilege. Hence, it’s a good practice to show your appreciation to your host by bringing small gifts such as a bottle of wine or a box of your freshly baked cookies.

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The same tradition goes for parties, special occasions, and even random activities with friends and relatives. Bringing a little something shows how much you value the host and saves your face to the rest of the crowd in case you’re the only one who showed up with nothing. 


However, gift-giving can be a crucial activity especially if you’re clueless about the preferences of the person you’ll be giving the gift to. That is why gift baskets are an excellent alternative since it’s not gendered sensitive, the basket’s reusable, and it’s loaded with different things perfect for the occasion. Here are nine baskets to give on nine separate occasions:


Birthday Gift Basket

A birthday basket can be full of random things that the celebrant would enjoy. A basket of video games, chocolates, candies and a bottle of wine for men while a bucket of makeups, facial care items, perfume, set of nail polish and chocolates would be perfect for the ladies. Your choices would depend on the preference of the celebrant, of course!.

Congratulations Gift Basket

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Expressing your congratulatory wishes would be even more special if you opt for home-made goodies such as a personalized cake, cookies, or a delicious pie instead of just piling different things in one basket. Baking pastries is a good indicator of how much effort and time you are willing to give to that person who poured in so much hard work to achieve such milestone.

Get Well Gift Basket

Hospital visitors usually bring fresh flowers or fruits for the patient. While those are practical gifts, try to add a little twist by putting all the fruits on a basket together with medicines, chicken soup mix, Gatorade, some gaming cards, and a subscription card to Netflix. Staying in the hospital can be lonely, and these entertainment options would help them pass the time and catch up on their favorite TV series!

Housewarming Gift Basket

Housewarming is such an intimate occasion where the owners let you see the nooks and cranny of their new home. Giving them a basket of different kitchen utensils, towels, and even some condiments can be a sweet gesture and very much appropriate for the occasion. Of course, do not forget a bottle of wine to toast for all the happy memories that they will have with their new home!

Anniversary Gift Basket

An anniversary gift basket can include some fresh flowers, crystal champagne, and fine jewelry enclosed in a special box. It’s a simple yet classy gift, as timeless as your marriage will be. As giving anniversary gift baskets could be a sign of a good relationship, you won’t have to worry about.

Christmas Gift Basket

Months before Christmas, mall groceries and specialty shops usually start offering their Christmas Gift Baskets. It can range from a basket full of sweet goodies such as Swiss chocolates, pretzels, fruit cake, wine, and even some snacks up to pasta, and very easy-to-prepare meals. These goodies are the easiest to buy as they can be seen anywhere and offered in different designs.

Retirement Gift Basket

Your officemate rendered decades of their lives working for the success of your company. Wish them good luck in the new chapter of their lives by giving them a basket of various alcoholic beverages with some chips to enjoy the start of their relaxation!

Baby Shower Gift Basket

Celebrate baby showers by giving a basket full of baby-starters! Fill it with a stuffed toy, small towels, sanitary products that are baby-sensitive, and a card with your well-wishes for the new baby.

Graduation Gift Basket

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Graduating whether, from High School, College, or even in Masters is a huge milestone for anyone. Their years of hard work, sleepless nights, and cramming are finally over–or at least until they get a job. A typical gift from relatives would be cash to give the fresh graduates a fresh start. But adding a few of their favorite snacks, some coffee (a reminder of the years they spent with coffee while doing their papers!), and a replica of their graduation cap would be perfect.

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