9 Gift Ideas To Make Anyone Smile

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You’re attending a party, and the celebrant is super rich, very successful in his or her career and basically, has everything. It’s a “problem” for you because of the simple question, what gift can you give this person? A tie? He has hundreds of it. Wine? The cellar is full of expensive bottles. Bag? Make sure it’s designer – but is it within your budget?

It’s not necessary to spend so much on a gift especially for someone who can afford to buy material things. There are nonmaterial presents that can make them smile, nonetheless. So, what affordable gifts can be given to them that they’ll surely appreciate?

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Adopt a zoo animal

In as little as $35, you can adopt a zoo animal in the celebrant’s name and present it as a gift to him or her. If he or she is an animal lover, the person will love the idea of caring for a zoo animal.

Fresh flowers every month

You can ask your local florist about his rates. He is to deliver a bunch of fresh flowers each month to the person you wish to give it to. This will work as long-distance gifts and won’t be more than $200 for six months worth of beautiful blooms.

Make a donation

On behalf of the person you want to give the gift to, you can donate. For example, you can visit the DONORS CHOOSE site and see which cause or program will pique the interest of the person.

Write an appreciation journal

If the person you’re giving a gift to is someone dear to you, then, you can give an appreciation journal. Write notes of appreciation or thank-you’s every day for at least a month before you plan to give it. This gift will surely bring the person to tears.

Free service

You can also volunteer your time and service to a friend as a present like wrapping Christmas gifts for him or her. This is very unconventional, but free service is a lovely gift to give and receive. Imagine – someone is going to do your laundry or clean your house as a present – how lovely!

Handout AAA memberships

To those who drive cars, you can give them AAA memberships. This way, they’ll be safe on the road, and just in case something happens, there’s AAA.

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Herbs, spices and a recipe

You can collect exotic herbs and spices like curry, turmeric, ginger, and others – put it in a gift basket and slip in an Indian recipe. This will be appreciated by someone who loves to cook and eat.

Race car driving lessons

You could also give out race car driving lessons as a gift to those who are fond of F1 racing and the likes. That would be so much fun! Actually, on the topic of lessons, you can gift anything from swimming, tennis, voice, guitar and more. Just make sure the person is into these hobbies or skills.

Counseling sessions

You can pay for counseling or self-improvement sessions for the person you’re giving a gift to. It’s not common and something out of the box. Regain is one of those websites that you can check out for this service.


The gift mentioned above ideas are new, fresh and out of the ordinary. Choose any of these gift ideas to give to your friend, family or loved one. They’ll be delighted with the thought and the gesture.


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