Five Signs That You Are Not Self-Aware


Self-awareness is the ability to understand one’s self and personality. This includes your quirks, pet peeves, nuisances, strengths, and weaknesses. It answers the question, “Who are you?” How do you define your existence? Is your definition of your identity based on your occupation, name, roles you play, your educational attainment, etc.? These self-inquiries allow us to examine ourselves at its core and purest form. 

Nowadays, every one of us is busy living our day to day lives to the point of merely going through the motions of life without really taking the time to know oneself. We are in autopilot mode and doing things that we ought to do. While in school, we try our best to excel in our studies and extracurricular activities such as sports. Upon graduating, our next achievement to unlock is finding a secure job, then, buying a car and house and possibly, looking for a life partner.  After that, get married and have children. It seems that society and everyone is expected to go on this path. Self-awareness, trivial it may seem, plays a crucial role in improving ourselves and lead to a more productive and fruitful life affecting the totality of our different persona. 

The next question is how one knows if he/she is self-aware or not. Here are several signs that your level of self-awareness is close to nil:

You are called the bully 


People often label you “bully” at school or in the workplace, but it seems that you can’t grasp the reason why they call you one. You don’t understand or can’t pinpoint specific incidents which you can categorically call bullying. Maybe, it is best to be less critical of others and insensitive in sharing your opinions. Don’t make unsolicited advice and stop telling other people what to do to the point of giving out demanding orders. Try using your words with empathy and humility then you’ll see how differently others will treat you. 

You go on a defensive mode 

During the evaluation and open forum, you generally can’t accept criticisms. You are oftentimes in disbelief over the negative opinions of others about yourself. Genuine and objective feedbacks are given to improve yourself, don’t take it personally. Worst of all, don’t be angry and be agitated. 

You are like a remote control 

You prefer to take the majority of the authority on all aspect around you. You find fault in minor things and in the works of other. You sweat small things and project it to people around you when in reality; you are even worst and failing on more significant things in your life and career. 

You are extravagant.

Shallow self-confidence is personified by an individual who is not self-aware. They make over the top proposals in their plans, businesses, and ideas to the point of defying practical reasoning or not backed up by any research or study. Their dreams and programs are often out of this world and grandiose.


You are not excused.

This is your memorialized response when the responsibility is given to you. Everybody committed a mistake except you. You are often avoiding and deflecting the negative attention. You are either blaming others and pointing fingers at you are held accountable. 

Now that you know this information, it would be best to correct your ways. Get in touch with someone that can help you in this process. 

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