How To Make Your Gift Basket Business A Family Thing


When your entrepreneurial skills lead you to make gift baskets for a living, you essentially luck out in life. That is among the businesses you can operate from home and is far more fulfilling than an office job. You’ll be able to use your creativity when it comes to arranging and packaging the products. You also get to generate money off of things that bring smiles to others’ faces.

Once the business garners attention from a bigger crowd, however, you need more hands to complete your clients’ orders. It is okay at this point to place a newspaper ad or ask around the neighborhood whether anyone’s looking for work. Despite that, it will be fantastic if you can encourage your spouse, children, and other family members to help out as well.

Allow us to give you a few much-needed tips on how to achieve that.

  1. Have The Boys Help In The Physical Aspect Of The Business

Teenagers undoubtedly have an unlimited source of energy. That can be a bit worrying for parents as it means the boys may run around all day long and stay awake until the wee hours to play video games on a regular basis. In your situation, though, it is advantageous to have teenage sons because they are strong enough to exert effort on your family business physically.

Give the boys the opportunity to load the gift baskets in the car, for instance. Allow them to carry bulky items back and forth as well whenever they don’t have school or sports training. By the time their backs touch the bed around eight or nine in the evening, they will zonk out fast, for sure. 


  1. Assign The Most Tech-Savvy Person To Online Marketing

Of course, no matter how amazing your business is doing now, it remains essential to promote it frequently. Considering you already have flyers out and everyone else endorses your products through word-of-mouth, you may then look into marketing them on the Internet. 

The one you should allocate that job to is the techiest member of your family. If he or she can create a social media page for the business and post related images and statuses there consistently, your clientele may grow in a few months. You can also begin accepting online orders from there, which is excellent for overall income expansion.

  1. Let Your Wife Manage The Finances

It seems innate for mothers to know how to budget or save the money that they currently have. And, no, they do not require an accounting degree to do that. Thus, it may be better to let your lovely spouse take over the finance department of the business.


  1. Ensure That You Still Get Family Time

Finally, you have to assure everyone – primarily the kids – that being in thisindustry will not hinder you all from having fun together. Sometimes that thought bothers people. They worry that since the entire family has a more professional role now, it will be impossible to get away even for just a day. 

In all honesty, that only requires time management. You may agree on working days as a group and then set aside one or two days for rest. This way, nobody will feel burnt out anytime.

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