Road to Self-Improvement


In social media platform, self-improvement quotes are often shared to motivate and encourage people to be a better version of themselves. The #goals or #inspiration are often used in sharing statuses, videos, and pictures that we hope to attain the future. Achieving these dreams and goals will not happen with any regularity and action towards that particular inspiration. It entails daily decision to prioritize the essential and reject the unnecessary and senseless activities. It will involve sacrifice and break out your comfort zone. These ideas are easier said than done.  

Experts claim that the path to achieving once dream might be daunting and unachievable to some; thus, it is advisable to break them up into smaller and manageable goals. This is the same with self-improvement; let us start with little ways to change our life for the better.


Picture out where and what you want to be in 5 years. ten years? 15 years? Create a dream board that you can see every day to remind you about your goals and your purpose. 


Identify which aspect of your life needs the most significant improvement. May it be your health or career? Start from this element and followed by the 2nd area that needs attention. 


Learning to love yourself is the first and most crucial improvement tip that one can make but in fact, this is the hardest part. You have to learn to accept who are beautiful just the way you are. All our lives, people may belittle our strengths, criticize our weight, and disagree on our choices, etc. Learn to become your own ally and not your worst enemy. 

Practice self-love by verbalizing telling yourself in the mirror every day that you are wonderfully filled with talents and amazing qualities.



Exercising releases endorphins “happy hormones” that uplifts your mood and gives energy boosts. Your body will thank you in the long run. 


Eating unhealthy food such as highly processed and sugary foods will make you feel like crap. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and limit your consumption of white rice, bread, and pasta. 


Accept the fact that you are going to fail countless times. You will grow when you stretch beyond your comfort zone. 


No matter how many areas of your life needs improvement. Always be grateful for the things you have and that you can identify your areas of weakness. Celebrate simple joys and small achievements. 


Seek mentorship from people who are successful in the field that you want to pursue. Learn their techniques, styles and emulate their attitudes. Many successful individuals are willing to mentor others especially those who personally ask for help. Work hard and learn everything you can. One route that some people go is that of trying to get the opinion of an experienced therapist after providing them with all of the facts.

Positive People

This is epitomized by the saying, “You are the company that you keep”. If you find yourself hanging around unmotivated individuals, most likely you are also lazy to succeed in life. There are people in your life that you are better off without. Cutting ties from people you consider as friends might be hard but one needs to make this difficult decision in order to what is best for yourself.



Reflect on the events that happen for that day. Evaluate whether your actions were geared towards your primary goal. What are the areas you need to improve and what are your small achievements for the day?

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