Things You Cannot Do If Your Business Partner Is Also Your Spouse

If you and your business partner are both single, you are in each other’s line of sight almost 24/7. You become his or her primary confidante over time, and vice versa. You often stay in a world of your own as well, especially when strategizing on how to grow your operation. Thus, it is not startling for you to develop romantic feelings for one another to the extent that your families are already talking about your marriage.


Nevertheless, even though your union transcends the business realm, there are still some lines that you should not cross. To be specific, below are the things you cannot do if your spouse is also your business partner.


  1. Have Varying Roles  

The fact that you see yourselves as associates entails that you have equal rights and amount of responsibilities in the worksite. You may be in charge of accounting, for example, while your significant other handles the marketing side of the business. 

The only time that a woman should allow the husband to take on more tasks is if you are on maternity leave or no one can look after your child. Assuming it is only you two in the house for now, however, you ought to make your roles known so that there’ll be no misunderstanding in the future.


  1. Forget Being Sweet To Each Other

Of course, you cannot stop showing affection to one another regardless of how exhausting your responsibilities are within the company. It is not advisable for you to always chat at work since you may not get anything done, yet there are things you can do to maintain your love and sweetness to each other.

For instance, have lunch together whenever possible. You do not have to go out all the time – you may pack your meal from home. What’s important is that you are eating together. Similarly, you can exchange short but sweet messages in between breaks, plan date nights after office hours, or jump in whenever your spouse needs your help.


  1. Hide Your Weaknesses

Your marriage may also suffer once you start claiming that you can do this and that for the business, yet your better half later finds out that you have poor skills in those areas and your sales are suffering due to it.

Considering you did it to please your spouse somehow, you should understand that hiding your weaknesses will make them feel the opposite. It will not be because you lack in specific departments, though; it will be because cleaning up your mess takes the extra focus away from entrepreneurial matters. 

So, ascertain that your strengths are apparent to your partner, and vice versa, to prevent any mishap along the way.


  1. Avoid Legalities

One more detail that you should not overlook is making your partnership legal. Knock on wood, but even if you are together for ten years or so, the possibility of you separating is still 50:50. There’s no problem with the partition of your assets in case the decision to split is mutual,and both your names are on everything you own as a couple. However, if the husband or wife is the only proprietor of a business in the eyes of the law, the estranged spouse may not receive an equal share of the company no matter where he or she contests it.


Working with your better half is a dream come true for many. You are learning and accomplishing goals together; you get to make sure that you are both making progress in life. Nonetheless, don’t forget the things mentioned above so that your marriage and business will not be in jeopardy later.

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