Your People Will Mirror Your Business To Clients – Choose Wisely


One thing that I enjoyed about the 2019 Business Events was how the speakers and the entrepreneurs talked about their humble beginnings. I am always fascinated on how businessmen think. It was a mystery to me. Things like how they come up with their ideas turned business plans for when initiating the business, how much risk they were willing to take and how to circumvent it, and finally, how they went about their business plan, doing it and being successful in the long run were very interesting to me. That event was a life turning point for me.

One aspect of business that needs to be considered before starting would be the recruitment or the hiring of potential employees as part of the work force. I think all employers should consider how important human resource is in a company, big or small. The attitude or well-being of the workforce mirrors what the company is all about. And hence, choosing the right ones to represent your company or business is essential.

There are lots of factors or qualities that employers should consider in hiring. Depending upon the job or position available, you need to have an initial assessment of their skills or on what they can do for the company or the business. You can also look at their educational background to help you in the selection.


Here are also some tips that will help you in choosing the right candidate for a certain job position:

  1. Prepare creative questions which can truly show the candidate’s true self and his true intentions to the company.
  2. You can also have an on-site tour during the interview and not just in a basic setting which is usually at a conference room. Letting them have a glimpse of the workplace will help you in assessing their true interest with your company.
  3. Try asking questions about the candidate themselves, what they like to do and their interests in life. Maybe you can get a more thorough assessment through this way of questioning.

It’s not that easy to talk and start about business especially if we are only starters but with hard work and dedication, one would surely make it big and successful in the business world.

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